Oral Cancer Cause, Inc.

Many Oral Cancer patients have had their mouths reconstructed, teeth removed, palates removed, pieces of their tongues  removed, and simply cannot ever chew gum again…or blow a bubble.

Oral  cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the United States and is  increasingly affecting young adults. Every dollar donated will touch the  lives of Oral cancer patients and their families.

Funds raised by OCC will be allocated to:

  • Provide financial help to qualified patients and their families who face the challenges of oral cancer during treatment.  

  • To  create public awareness about the incidence of oral cancer and the  necessity of oral cancer exams for early diagnosis and successful  treatment.

Your donations allow us to offer such services to our supported families as the needs arise. This has included such needs as: Daycare  Support• Household Expenses• Medical Expenses • Device Expenses• Gas  for Travel to Medical Appointments • Insurance Deductibles• Dental  Care•  & so much more.

Want to join the fun & blow your own bubbles for Oral Cancer Cause, Inc!

Please visit the Oral Cancer Cause, Inc. Website for more information and updates