Meet Amber 

Certified Health Coach & Cancer Survivor

I had a very lucrative career as a manager at a fortune 500 company and spent many years climbing the corporate ladder.

In the fall of 2013, I took off time from work to give birth to my son and stay home for the first year of his life.

Things were moving along nicely. We purchased our first home in a great area and had started settling in. We were all in good health and spirit. To think back, everything seemed “normal”.

In February of 2015, I made new patient appointments for the whole family at a local dentist. It been approximately 2 1/2 years since we had been to the dentist as a family. During the exam,

I was offered a cancer screening for an extra $20, of course, I agreed. Seemed like a small charge for a good cause. And that is the exact moment my life changed forever.I have since been diagnosed with one of the rarest oral cancers in the world.

In fact, I am one of only a few people alive with Clear Cell Odontogenic Carcinoma. I have undergone surgery to remove my right mandible, which was replaced with titanium and bone/tissue from my scapula.

My journey has been long, complicated, and humbling all at the same time.