Kingdom harvest was introduced to the dental community in 2018 via the Oral Cancer Cause and Amber Young. Since that original introduction we have had the privilege of being invited to be the first Hemp product showcased at the Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta since the early 1940’s.


After that introduction into the dental industry we were featured in numerous articles from USA Today, Wallstreet Journal, and Dental Product Report just to name a few. This led Kingdom harvest to work in partnership with regional dental practices to develop a protocol that we can employ to your practice. Kingdom Harvest has done all the hard work by testing the product and distributions methods until we found the preferred way to make a partnership between ourselves and your dental practice.


We have utilized this feedback from these partnerships to ensure the perfect combination of functionality and efficacy to help your practice bring balance through hemp with our organic whole-spectrum hemp extract ™

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Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract offers benefits to a number of unique issues that the dental industry faces.


Anxiety from dental visit: It’s common for patients to have anxiety before a dental appointment. Kingdom Harvest can help calm down patients with a simple .50 mL underneath the tongue, 10 minutes before their appointment. This helps both dentists and patients remain calm and precise during dental appointments and operations and allows those dealing with particularly high anxiety to see the dentist more regularly.


Pain killer properties /opioid supplementation: Dentists are statistically the highest prescribers of opioids in the country. Not only can these drugs cause side effects like sedation, nausea and vomiting, but are also the highest rising addiction in the United States. With opioid overuse and overdose quickly becoming one of the largest causes of mortality in the country, alternatives are no longer just alternatives, but necessities. Whole-spectrum hemp products like Kingdom Harvest offer many of the same pain-relieving effects along with anti-inflammatory properties by interacting with the same opioid receptors in the body.


Anti-fungal and Antibacterial: Studies are showing that hemp sublingual oil may play a key role in helping curb bacterial and fungal growth in the mouth when taken sublingually or applied to a toothbrush. These antibacterial properties can help stop fungal growth in gum decay and reduce pain and inflammation from infections like gingivitis.


Fighting cavities: CBD has been shown to be effective against oral bacteria, Streptococcus specifically. Streptococcus is the leading player in causing tooth decay and cavities. By taking Kingdom Harvest a whole-spectrum hemp extract? to one's oral hygiene routine, one can help fight off the bacteria that erode teeth.


Teeth Sensitivity: Diabetics with high blood sugar can experience inflammation in the ligaments that connect teeth in the bone socket, causing pain during chewing. While most often related to diabetes, this condition can also occur with other forms of chronic inflammation. Studies show that patients who utilized CBD oil found a reduction in inflammation which reduced tooth sensitivity.


Relief from TMJ: TMJ is a disorder revolving around the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull. It’s often characterized by pain and discomfort caused by erosion, inflammation, and displacement. This results in chronic jaw pain, popping or clicking of the jaw, jaw locking, and difficulty chewing. Studies show that TMJ patients who utilized CBD oil have found a reduction of symptoms related to inflammation and a decrease sensitivity.


Gum Disease: It may help your gums stay healthy and prevent severe inflammation and some bone loss. Add Hemp Extract to your daily dental routine if you struggle with inflamed or receding gums. *CBD Oil Benefits for Better Dental and Overall Health by Dr. Mark Burhenne, DDS. August 30, 2019.Web